Corporate Cleaning


First we take care of your cleaning needs by setting up a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. Maybe cleaning is all you need, but if you also need handyman or general labor help at anytime you have the option. Simplify your maintenance and repair logistics as well as reduce cost by having Whatever You Need!® handle those tasks as well.

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Personal Assistants


Maybe you are a busy professional with a partner, kids and house all of which keep generating To Do Lists.  You need a competent Guy/Gal Friday to take some of the load off your shoulders so you can catch up on the chores and be able to breath a little easier week to week.

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Handyman Services


Our handyman services can take care of your home and office repair and remodeling. Our handymen come fully equipped with all the tools they need.

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Personal Laborers


A Personal Laborer is what you need if you have all the tools needed to complete the job and you can give the assistant the necessary instruction to get the job done.

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