Personal Assistants


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Who needs a Personal Assistant


Maybe you are a busy professional with a partner, kids and house all of which keep generating To Do Lists.

You’re in need of a competent Guy/Gal to take some of the load off your shoulders so you can catch up on the chores and be able to breath a little easier week to week.

A Personal Assistant Works with you on a regular basis.

The assistant gets to know you and your needs and establishes a relationship that allows you to hand over any kind of task on your list.

Unlike a Personal Laborer a PA has the skills to take on a project from planning to execution. For instance, perhaps you need to plan a holiday party, design invitations, plan the food and then make it all happen. A PA has the skills to design that invitation on the computer, bring it to the printer and oversee the production, go through your address book and make labels then mail the invites out.

Then the PA will go online and find that recipe you saw last week on the Food Network and not only print it out for you but will go to the market and get the proper ingredients.